About Us

EHG About Cover ImgElliott Henderson Graphics was founded in January of 2014 when Elliott Henderson realized his passion of motorsports design. Having started designing simulation cars on NASCAR Heat’s 2000 PC game, Elliott moved on to Papyrus’ NASCAR Racing 2003 Season and developed a partnership with Cody Ficker, who also derived from the NASCAR Heat Community. Cody was named the teams associate graphic designer, and the two designed many cars for the game and it’s community. In 2015 EHG ventured into iRacing, designing hundreds of cars for teams and iRacers worldwide.

In May of 2016, Elliott Henderson Graphics was contacted to create artwork for Dusenberry Martin Racing’s NASCAR Heat Evolution. Every single car scheme in the game is designed by Elliott Henderson Graphics members.

Elliott Henderson Graphics has also sponsored drivers. Brian Keselowski sported the EHG logo on his decklid for the 2013 All Star Race, and featured EHG on the C-Post of his Pro Cup Series car for much of the 2014 season. Alex Scribner, an avid iRacer has also been sponsored by EHG under his Pro Series tour in 2014.

Elliott Henderson has designed multiple real life cars, through working for multiple companies. Those are JJ Yeley’s and Jeremy Clements’ 2015 Dover Police Xfinity cars, Cole Custer’s 2016 Haas Automation truck, Kyle Larson’s 2016 Belkin Xfinity car, Matt Tifft’s 2016 NASCAR Heat Evolution truck, Erik Jones’ 2016 NASCAR Heat Evolution Xfinity car and Matt DiBenedetto’s NASCAR Heat Evolution Cup car. Cody Ficker was the designer of Erik Jones’ NASCAR Heat Evolution firesuit through EHG’s deal with Dusenberry Martin Racing.

Elliott Henderson Graphics also caters to kart racers, designing Paul Fodde Racing’s go kart which he has been using since 2016. Images of the kart can be found under the Clients page of this website.


Elliott Henderson
CEO / Art Director

22 | Concord, NC

Moving to Charlotte, North Carolina in 2012 to attend college at the Art Institute of Charlotte, Elliott has been avid NASCAR fan for years. Elliott started designing cars for NASCAR Heat’s 2000 game some years ago, and it developed into a passion that expanded to motorsport design in general. Following his graduation, Elliott went on to work at Pro Cal Professional Decals located in Concord, NC. There, he learned what it was like to setup race cars and various other projects for print on large format printers on vinyl substrate. He was able to design multiple cars while working at Pro Cal, such as Kyle Larson’s Belkin Chevrolet Camaro ran at the 2016 Bristol race, as well as Cole Custer’s primary Haas Automation Chevy Silverado, which ran during the 2016 season. He still had a passion for simulation racing cars, and had transitioned from NASCAR Heat to Papyrus’ NASCAR Racing 2003 Season. He tinkered with those models and cars and eventually moved onto iRacing. It was a whole new outlet that allowed him to design for drivers in the Pro Series and drivers trying to make a name for themselves. He designed over 90 schemes for iRacing community members between late 2014 and mid 2015.

After being contacted by Dusenberry Martin Racing, Elliott and EHG had to put iRacing designs on hold and focus on the next task: Designing simulation race cars for NASCAR Heat Evolution. The two guys who had been designing cars for years, who had their start with NASCAR Heat 2000 (Elliott and Cody) were now undertaking the newest NASCAR Heat reboot. It was an incredibly surreal experience, and ended up leading to a lot of projects, such as the designs on Matt Tifft’s NASCAR Heat Evolution Toyota Tundra, run at Charlotte and Erik Jones’ NASCAR Heat Evolution Toyota Camry Xfinity car, run at Loudon in 2016. Elliott joined DMR, after being offered a full time position, in July of 2016. Elliott has since been in charge of all the DLC car art for the game.


Cody Ficker
Graphic Designer

19 | Kerrville, TX

All his life, Cody has been inspired to follow a career in motorsports. Cody began learning graphic design as a hobby in middle school and quickly decided to further develop his skills with the plan of using it to help establish his career in motorsports.

In 2011, he worked with Revolutionary Racing to develop community generated content for the NASCAR Heat 2000 PC game. Cody first met Elliott Henderson while working on NASCAR Heat in 2011. In August of 2013, Cody partnered with Elliott to help develop Elliott Henderson Graphics.

In early 2016, Dusenberry Martin Racing noticed some of Cody’s work and contracted EHG to work on the new NASCAR Heat Evolution video game, released in September of 2016. In July of 2016, NASCAR champion Erik Jones became the first driver in NASCAR to sport Cody’s artwork, wearing a NASCAR Heat Evolution firesuit in the NASCAR Xfinity race at New Hampshire.